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Department of Music

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Musical Education Section:

(1)          Research Methods in Music Education () (II)

(2)          Philosophical Foundations of Music Education

(3)          Study and Design of Music Curriculum

(4)          Psychological Foundations of Music Education

(5)          Testing and Assessment of Music Teaching

(6)          Independent Study


              Instrumental (and Vocal) Performance and Creation Section

(1)          Research Methods in Music

(2)          Major

(3)          Study of Styles in Piano Literature () (II)

(4)          Performance Class for Piano Majors () (II)

(5)          Study of Styles in Vocal Literature ()

(6)          Performance Class for Voice Majors () (II)

(7)          Performance Class for String Majors () (II)

(8)          Chamber Music () (II)

(9)          Orchestral Experts for Strings

(10)        Study of Styles in String Literature

(11)        Strings Pedagogy

(12)        Performance Class for Wind Majors () (II)

(13)       Orchestral Experts for Winds

(14)       Study of Styles in Wind Literature

(15)       Research in Wind Pedagogy

(16)       Orchestration

(17)       Analysis and Interpretation of Tonal Music

(18)       Analysis and Interpretation of Post-Tonal Music

(19)       Contemporary Instrumental Performing Technique and Composition

(20)       Practicum in Conducting () (II) (III) (IV)


              Musicology Section

(1)          Proseminar in Musicological Methodologies

(2)          Proseminar in Theory and Analysis

(3)          Proseminar in Philosophy of Music

(4)          Proseminar in Music Historiography

(5)          Musicological Seminar () (II)

(6)          Independent Study