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Department of Music

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Educational Vision and Goals

1.   Undergraduate

(1)          To train skilled musical performers, promote international musical exchange, and magnify our students’ perspective and competitive ability

(2)          To train skilled teachers for all stages of general music education, develop diverse musical curricula and thus raise the quality of musical education in Taiwan

(3)          To train professionals who can combine technology and the arts, industry, and culture, and establish a firm basis of experience and results in academic-industrial     cooperation

(4)          To instill in our students compassion for their society, and enthusiasm for participation in local arts events

2.   Master’s

(1)          To increase our students’ professional knowledge and train leaders for the performance and educational fields

(2)          To strengthen interaction in performance, creation, education, and research

(3)          To promote participation in national and international academic exchange and research events

3.   Master's Degree Program for Working Professionals

(1)          To train professionals for musical education and raise the level of research and academics in the public sphere

(2)          To increase our students’ professional knowledge and provide intermediate and advanced musical curricula

(3)          To promote the ability to combine musical ability with other specializations and to emphasize the importance of both theory and practice as parts of a complete education