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Department of Music

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Department History

The Division of Music (the department’s previous formation) was founded in 1969; in 1987 the division was changed to the Department of Music Education; in 2007 the department was reorganized and became its present form, the Department of Music. Through these many changes, education and positiveness have been constants in our professional ethos, and we have continued to work towards excellence in teaching and performance in respect of virtue, wisdom, health, brother and sisterhood, and beauty. Over recent years our department has been dedicated to increasing international exchanges in music and to producing in our students the ability to assimilate art and education. 

Our department’s master’s program began in 2000, and has been in operation for over 10 years. In addition to bettering the university’s international competitiveness, it was also intended to establish a beneficial and interactive relationship with society formed from both academics and practical work. In 2004 the Master’s Degree Program in Education was established for working teachers. In 2013 that program was changed to the Master's Degree Program for Working Professionals.